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repaverepaverepave asked: Are you Jewish?

No :-) Are you?

An Evangelical Dilemma: Wait for Sex AND Wait to Marry?

"A related problem is our culture’s utter foolishness in considering teens “children.” I’m sorry, but a 16 year old girl isn’t a child anymore. The problems we’re having with teen sexting and resulting “child pornography” charges reflect the absurdity of our standards. We wonder why adolescence extends indefinitely now, but we’re telling our teens, who are biologically adults, that they’re children. All the while, they learn not to function as adults but as those with some adult freedoms but no adult responsibilities. This extension of childhood and adolescence needs to be challenged within the Evangelical world, which because of its abstinence stance has boxed itself in and therefore has to take a leadership role on the matter. American culture needs to face the facts: 16 year old “kids” are young adults, not children, and they should be treated as such."

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The Holy Spirit is not a TomTom for your life.

West Ignores 'Largest Massacre of Christians in Syria'

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Anonymous asked: I felt as though your comment did imply that, could you maybe explain further? To me it sounded as though there are certain things you are not able to find in Jesus. Thank you in advance for your explanation!

I appreciate the question :-)

And yes - I am saying that there are certain things we cannot find in Jesus.

Jesus will never be a man’s wife. He will never be a husband to a woman. He will never give a woman a child through the direct act of intercourse. These are roles he created for humans to fill.

I think one of the amazing things about God is that he created us with free will so that we could choose to love him, and yet he created us also with a need for relationship with others of our own kind, not just himself. “It is not good for man to be alone” God said, though man existed in perfect harmonious relationship with God. So God made man a wife, to fill the needs and desires in man that God had placed in him that He intended to not fill. It follows then that He placed needs and desires in the woman’s heart that He also intended the man to fill, not Himself.

But none of this is to imply that Christ should not be the center of a relationship :-)

Anonymous asked: "Girls, please stop trying to find in Jesus the relationship that he created you to find in men." -- Can you explain what you mean by this? Shouldn't Jesus be the first and foremost in a relationship?

Certainly he should be first and foremost! Did I imply he shouldn’t?

I’m getting married tomorrow y’all.

1 week till I’m a free man :-)

‘Brutal’ German Raid on Home-Schooling Family Shocks Advocates | Daily News |

These people sought asylum in the US and Obama’s Department of “Justice” turned them away, knowing the children would likely be taken from their parents.

Edit: actually, I think that is this family, who would be returned to Germany if their appeal fails.

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I’m getting married in 9 days y’all.
And closing on a house before that.
And setting up home-owner’s insurance.
And adding Amanda to my car insurance.

Adulthood: challenge accepted.

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